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Workers Comp Pay-As-You-Go

Premiums are based on actual payroll not estimates. Ease the annual policy audit, maximize cashflow, and more.

Largest WC Carrier Selection

Choose from the widest range of carriers for WC insurance. We work with a network of over 100 carriers.

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Pay-as-you-go Workers Comp by InsuranceTrak

The trusted payroll service partner for Workers Compensation Pay-As-You-Go services

TrakPay is a pay-as-you-go workers compensation software as a service (SAAS) offered through InsuranceTrak Services. We're different from your standard pay-as-you-go vendor because we work with the LARGEST network of insurance carriers in comparison to our competitors.

As a payroll company, most of your clients are not going to be the 'perfect fit' for a WC carrier. In 2012, the insurance marketplace started to harden up, and insurance carriers are tightening their underwriting guidelines. The main carriers that the BIG payroll companies work with aren't writing all the different types of business that they wrote in the past. In 2013, things have got worse!

What happens when you're pay-as-you-go vendor or carrier doesn't have a market? Will your client leave your service to go with a PEO option?

Stop turning your potential clients down and work with a company that has a network of over 100 insurance companies. We go the extra mile to make sure your clients are getting the best option on the market. Even better, many of our carriers can bill your clients through your payroll on a pay-as-you-go basis.

What is pay-as-you-go Workers Comp?

Usually Workers Compensation premiums are based on estimated payroll figures determined prior to the policy period. When the policy renews, an audit is done to determine the actual payroll for the policy period. If you're payroll is higher than your initial estimate, you'll owe extra premium ON TOP of your down payment for the next years renewal!

The revolutionary Pay-As-You-Go Workers Comp program offers an incredible solution to the traditional method. Instead of making estimates and doing major audit adjustments, you pay premium each pay-period based off of actual payroll wages. When you have your audit, you will have already been paying premium based off actual wages. Minimal adjustments might be needed to make sure employees are correctly classified, but all your normal hassles are gone!


  • Premiums are based on actual payroll not estimates
  • Eliminate large installment payments
  • Eliminate or reduce additional premiums due at audit
  • Ease of annual policy audit
  • Maximize cash flow
  • Real-time evaluation of premium payment history and calculation

Again, we partner with over 100 insurance carriers to make sure you get the best coverage and price for your business. We can even help high risk businesses with this service and shop the market for the best price.

In addition to Workers Compensation insurance we handle all commercial lines of insurance and have expertise with properly handling complicated business insurance needs.

For more information on the payment service or a competitive quote please contact us today!

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